About Us

Providing lifelong learning opportunities that transform lives.

The Caribbean Tourism Institute is an open online educational, training and development institute designed for the purpose of ensuring that all those who work in the region’s tourism and hospitality sector have affordable access to training opportunities. The Caribbean Tourism Institute offers a wide range of essential skills covering topics such as human resources, food and beverage, business and entrepreneurship, leadership, management, service and much more.

Quality, innovative, accessible, research-informed, open, digital, and distributed learning.

Building Proficient Tourism & Hospitality Professionals

The Caribbean Tourism Institute is an essential tool in helping to achieve a globally competitive and highly professional Caribbean tourism workforce.

Our mission is to support the Caribbean tourism and hospitality industry by increasing access to high-quality training and education. Additionally, to enhance teaching and learning skills through new and convenient methods of instruction. The objective is to advance teaching and learning through the provision of practical, market driven and cost effective online training courses and programmes, utilizing synchronous and asynchronous formats for delivery.

We are open, flexible, and everywhere all the time.

Things have changed for the most important things in our lives; our families, our jobs, and our communities. To prepare for this change, we need to be more open, more flexible and more adaptable — no matter who we are, how old we are or where we live.