Workplace Essentials Certificate

Presented by the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association

USD $99.00

Creating a Positive Work Environment Course

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Here you will learn how to recognize a positive work environment and understand the key elements that are needed to create one. You will also discover what you can do personally to build on in your workplace and figure out what type of team player you are.

Code of Conduct Training for an Ethical Workplace

Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for Your Workplace

The eight sessions in this one-day course look at what a code of conduct is, why companies need one, and what should be included, along with how to let employees know about the code, how to evaluate and audit it, and what to do if the code is violated.

Employee Accountability Training Material

Employee Accountability

You will begin this course by exploring what accountability is all about and some recent events that have caused people to look at accountability more closely. Then, you’ll learn ways to build accountability and ownership in your organization and make yourself more accountable. Supporting skills, like goal setting, feedback, and delegation, are also covered.

Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams Course

Being a Team Player

Most people like to think of themselves as good team players, but are you? Your personal success depends, to a large degree, on how well you support others.